Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let the battle begin!!

The season starts in less than 24 hours, and there's the scent of blood in the water. The Great Whites open the season against the Wolves in Dublin in a potential early clash between Predator Cup contenders.

The Great Whites Week 1 lineup:

LW - Nash (Cbs) - RFA, Frolov (LA) - RFA, Hartnell (Nsh) - RFA (TG) Bench: Stillman (Car) - RFA (inj)

C - Savard (Bos), Arnott (Nsh) - (TG), Nylander (NYR) Bench: Fisher (Ott) - RFA

RW - Gaborik (Min), Cheechoo (SJ), Hemsky (Edm) - RFA Bench: Barnaby (Dal) - RFA

D - Pronger (Ana) - FP, Zidlicky (Nsh), Liles (Col) Bench: Meyer (Phi) - RFA

D - Meszaros (Ott), Ryan Whitney (Pit) - RFA, Hamhuis (Nsh) - RFA Bench: Sutton (Atl) - RFA

G - Brodeur (NJ) - FP Bench: Roloson (Edm) - RFA

Prospects (unpromoted):
- Semin (Wsh) - LW (P3)
- J.Jokinen (Dal) - LW (P2)
- Ladd (Car) - LW (P2)
- Miettinen (Dal) - RW (P2)
- Svatos (Col) - RW (P2)
- Ryan (Ana) - C (P1)
- Boyd (Cgy) - C (P1)
- Esposito (QMHL) - C (P1)

PrD 2007:
- Plus: None
- Minus: 2nd, 3rd

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