Monday, February 26, 2007

YouTube - Halo Theme Song School Talent Show

YouTube - Halo Theme Song School Talent Show

This is simply brilliant - who says kids today have no imagination?

Take one very cool chick on electric violin (sadly a touch rough on the edges from the recording), add a pinch of Blue Man Group, and the Halo theme (with a little Mario Bros. for comic relief) = too cool for words...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Which Super Villain are you? Results

Which Super Villain are you? Results

Your results:
You are Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze
Lex Luthor
The Joker
Green Goblin
Dr. Doom
Poison Ivy
Dark Phoenix
You are cold and you think everyone else should be also, literally.

Click here to take the Super Villain Personality Test

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Ashley Treatment

Well, after a protracted silence on the blog front, I am back on line, and hopefully this will be a more regularly active site. What brings me out of my long period of inactivity, you ask? A topic that fits most squarely into the working title/content of my blog, brought to my attention by my good friend Bob.

The topic? The so-called "Ashley Treatment", referring to a recent case of a young girl in Seattle, and her parents' decision to pursue some radical medical interventions that have broad implications not only about health care, but about eugenics, social justice, the value of individuals (and in particular, those with disabilities) in our society, and whose needs come first...

The link in the post title connects to a blog written by the parents of Ashley, explaining their perspective and feelings. Some other sites of potential interest include the following:

Times Online Article

CTV article

CNN article

As well as NUMEROUS blog entries addressing the issue...

For my own part, I need time to read and digest it all before making comment - but I thought I would post this to solicit opinions and reflections from others in the meantime...

Stay tuned....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let the battle begin!!

The season starts in less than 24 hours, and there's the scent of blood in the water. The Great Whites open the season against the Wolves in Dublin in a potential early clash between Predator Cup contenders.

The Great Whites Week 1 lineup:

LW - Nash (Cbs) - RFA, Frolov (LA) - RFA, Hartnell (Nsh) - RFA (TG) Bench: Stillman (Car) - RFA (inj)

C - Savard (Bos), Arnott (Nsh) - (TG), Nylander (NYR) Bench: Fisher (Ott) - RFA

RW - Gaborik (Min), Cheechoo (SJ), Hemsky (Edm) - RFA Bench: Barnaby (Dal) - RFA

D - Pronger (Ana) - FP, Zidlicky (Nsh), Liles (Col) Bench: Meyer (Phi) - RFA

D - Meszaros (Ott), Ryan Whitney (Pit) - RFA, Hamhuis (Nsh) - RFA Bench: Sutton (Atl) - RFA

G - Brodeur (NJ) - FP Bench: Roloson (Edm) - RFA

Prospects (unpromoted):
- Semin (Wsh) - LW (P3)
- J.Jokinen (Dal) - LW (P2)
- Ladd (Car) - LW (P2)
- Miettinen (Dal) - RW (P2)
- Svatos (Col) - RW (P2)
- Ryan (Ana) - C (P1)
- Boyd (Cgy) - C (P1)
- Esposito (QMHL) - C (P1)

PrD 2007:
- Plus: None
- Minus: 2nd, 3rd

Wish List

The latest gadget that's got me drooling - time to upgrade my 20 year old film camera!

The Sony Alpha

Friday, September 29, 2006

Free XBox 360

Anyone interested or planning to join Columbia House for DVDs or CDs, or Doubleday book club or ones like that, use the link below and we can both earn a free XBox 360 in the process!

XBox 360 Offer

Thursday, September 28, 2006

No's for medicinal purposes!

YouTube - Medical Marijuana

More of the latest EMS devices

Those of you in medical circles probably know that CPR guidelines are changing. Perhaps this gadget will come in handy... ;-)

YouTube - CPR Jackhammer

The latest in EMS equipment

My honey nearly coughed up a lung laughing at this one:

YouTube - The Busy Simulator Commercial